Killer Technical Marketing

What I Can Do for You

Very few are comfortable and skilled in both technology and the craft of marketing. Marketing is a narrative—people need to understand what your product’s story is and why and how that applies to them. I deliver, even with complex and arcane products. Take a look at some of my marketing projects.

Promote your company, products or services

I will help you get noticed—make sure the right people know about what you offer

Branding and Positioning

Ensure people understand what makes you special. Nobody knows who the third person to fly across the Atlantic was—but everyone knows (or can guess) who the first woman to do so was. Position yourself properly and get the word out, you will be the answer to the right question.

Product Marketing & Product Management

Need to get a project back on track? Need to formalize processes? Get a better picture of what your customers and potential customers need or want? I can do that for you!