Killer Technical Marketing

Some of my clients:


Harvest Classic
I am co-founder of CTMC, which hosts the Harvest Classic. As of Spring 2006, we’ve donated over US$75,000 to Candlelighters. I also do the majority of the web development
Rosedale Ride
I do all the web development and serve on the planning committee. I coordinate the Central Texas Motorcycle Charities volunteers for the Ride.


A listing of some of the sites I've coded lately


Critical tools and technologies I used in developing this site



I was asked to research WiMAX and other high-bandwidth wireless technologies and spent two weeks or so getting up to speed in that arena. The president of the company challenged me to deploy a pilot program within 30 days.


Less Networks < Free WiFi
organization providing software and services for venues offering free WiFi and the customers they serve.
My geek stripe is pretty wide…



Some bookmarklets and GreaseMonkey goodness.


AppleScript is Apple’s technology for creating custom automation. I use AppleScript all the time and have taken the time to clean up a few of the scripts I created for my own use. Feel free to download them and use them. If you modify them, please give me credit.

OmniOutliner scripts
OmniGroup’s OmniOutliner is a key part of my workflow. I wanted to have a way to balance columns and arrange window, so I wrote these.
Folder Action script
I originally began this as part of developing content for Late Night Software for the launch of Script Debugger 4 (which, by the way, makes it possible for me to create AppleScripts at all).