Not unusually, my site has suffered from “mechanic’s car” or “cobbler’s children (have no shoes)” issues. I dived in to perform an update and thought I’d share how I did it.


Without which life would cease…
OXOOne of the world’s most brilliant companies—they prevented knock-offs by beating them to the punch: creating down-market versions of their own products. Uplift Whistling TeapotOXO Uplift, Ruta Maya organic beans, Cuisinart coffee grinder, Melitta filters and Nissan stainless thermos.

Other Tools

my beloved PowerBook. What a trooper!
iMac G5
not just a game-playing machine or kids’ computer, it’s my subversion server and externally visible web server.
Mac OS X
if there’s a better environment for web development, I’ve never seen it. It combines effective user interface with the power of unix…
BBEdit (natch)
I was a customer before I was working with them. Other tools have their following but BBEdit is, hands-down, the finest text editor there is.
Dreamweaver 8
for occasional help with CSS selectors/debugging
Fireworks 8
I never wonder what the results will be with Fireworks. I love the combination of vector and bitmap, which gives me the most control and flexibility. With some Photoshop/Illustrator tweaking


Mac OS X
in addition to the reasons listed above, MacPorts, my unix package installer of choice keeps my apache, php, subversion, and so forth up-to-date and in sync.
Well, DUH. Crucial enablers include the css-discuss list, various books:
& websites beyond counting
The up-and-coming source control tool—I really miss having source control when I work with files not conducive to it