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Arrange Windows IconArrange Windows: this script sets the 2 front OO windows as wide as the screen and over and under/horizontally. Requires Jon’s Commands.

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Arrange Columns IconArrange Columns: this script sets columns 2 & 3 to the same width which is roughly half of the window width minus the other two columns. (Column one is for checkboxen or some such.)

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Folder Actions

add-archive: this makes a zip archive (inside the target folder) of anything placed in that target folder. It tests for various bogosities, such as a zip or an alias, and creates Mac compatible archives. To use it, put the script in Library/Scripts/Folder Action Scripts (either at the root or in your Home folder).

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on adding folder items to thisFolder after receiving addedItems


tell application "Finder"

set folderPath to POSIX path of thisFolder

end tell


--make a time stamp for a unique dir name

tell (current date)

set theMonth to addLeadingZeros((its month as number), 1) of me

set theDay to addLeadingZeros((its day as number), 1) of me

set dateValue to (year as string) & theMonth & theDay

set timeValue to its time

set timeStamp to dateValue & timeValue

end tell


--because multiple items require an extra step

if (count of addedItems) is 1 then

set theItem to (item 1 of addedItems)

set toArchive to checkFile(theItem)

if toArchive is not false then

--trim needed so ditto can properly handle directories

set toArchive to (trimLineEnd(toArchive, "/"))

set archiveName to toArchive & ".zip"


--make sure there's not already an archive there with that name

--should only occur if it's a single file or folder being archived

--if so, gin up a unique name using time stamp

tell application "System Events" to set targetCheck to exists archiveName

if targetCheck then

set archiveName to toArchive & timeStamp & ".zip"

end if


set toArchive to quoted form of toArchive


processItem(toArchive, archiveName)

end if


else --to handle multiple files

--we need to copy the files to a temporary location

--and archive THAT directory instead

set copyFiles to ""


--make the temp dir

set tmpDir to ("/tmp/" & timeStamp)

do shell script "mkdir " & quoted form of (tmpDir)


--loop through the files

repeat with thisItem in addedItems

set toCopy to (checkFile(thisItem))

if toCopy is not false then

--to preserve the directory structure

if folder of (info for (thisItem)) then

set dstDir to tmpDir & "/" & name of (info for (thisItem))


set dstDir to tmpDir

end if

set dstDir to quoted form of dstDir

set toCopy to quoted form of toCopy

end if


--copy the file

set copyCommand to "usr/bin/ditto --rsrc " & toCopy & " " & dstDir

do shell script copyCommand

end repeat


set toArchive to tmpDir

set archiveName to quoted form of (folderPath & "Archive " & timeStamp & ".zip")


--make the archive

processItem(toArchive, archiveName)

end if

end adding folder items to


--this sub-routine creates the archive

on processItem(theFile, theArchive)

set theCommand to "usr/bin/ditto -c -k -rsrc --keepParent" & " " & theFile & " " & theArchive

do shell script theCommand

end processItem


--we don't want to process zips and aliases

on checkFile(theFile)

if (theFile as text) ends with ".zip" then

return false

end if


if alias of (info for theFile) is true then

return false

end if


return (POSIX path of file (theFile as text))

end checkFile


on addLeadingZeros(thisNumber, maxLeadingZeros)

set the thresholdNumber to (10 ^ maxLeadingZeros) as integer

if thisNumber is less than the thresholdNumber then

set the leadingZeros to ""

set the digitCount to the length of ((thisNumber div 1) as string)

set the characterCount to (maxLeadingZeros + 1) - digitCount

repeat characterCount times

set the leadingZeros to (the leadingZeros & "0") as string

end repeat

return (leadingZeros & (thisNumber as text)) as string


return thisNumber as text

end if

end addLeadingZeros


on trimLineEnd(thisText, trimChars) --modified from a subroutines on the AppleScript site

set x to the length of the trimChars

repeat while thisText ends with the trimChars


set thisText to characters 1 thru -(x + 1) of thisText as string

on error

--the text contains nothing but the trim characters

return ""

end try

end repeat

return thisText

end trimLineEnd